Angels Crest

Los Angeles Times bestseller and Book Sense 76 pick

Angels CrestLiving in a small town in the mountains of California, Ethan Denton is a lucky man. Most things have gone his way, and being granted full custody of Nate, his young son, has given him a near-perfect life. On a crisp winter morning just before the start of deer season, Ethan and Nate set off together to discover the beauties of the forest. As he parks the truck, Ethan spots a pair of magnificent bucks and, eager to take a closer look, leaves Nate asleep in the car seat, a brief, impulsive decision any parent might make. When he returns only a few minutes later, the door of the truck is open and Nate is nowhere to be seen. Ethan and other members of the community search for the missing three-year-old, their fears rising as an unexpected blizzard blankets the woods.

Imbued with extraordinary literary and emotional power, ANGELS CREST explores the consequences of Ethan’s act on his own life and on the people around him. Leslie Schwartz creates a rich cast of characters, a community of vibrant and unforgettable people whose reactions to the tragedy reflect the complexities of human emotions: Ethan’s ex-wife and ex-best friend, who must deal with their own wounds; an older Jewish judge, whose concern and involvement is colored by recent problems with his own son; a middle-aged lesbian couple, one of whom is a beekeeper; and a blind minister, all moved by the need to somehow make sense of the inexplicable.


“This beautiful, moving novel works brilliantly as a study of a tragedy and the various characters’ reactions to the tragedy itself, as well as how it causes them to reexamine their own lives.”

Booklist (starred)

“Compelling…Precise, lyrical…truly moving.”

The Washington Post Book World

“…A story that lingers, and is not easily forgotten, one that focuses on the communion of heart and mind…”

Bookloons Reviews

“This book demonstrates how a tragic event can…bring people together, soften hearts, drive people apart and leave everyone searching for answers. After reading this, you too might find answer or peace for your past.”

Shakefire Review

“I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book so touching and yet so compelling…[Angels Crest] is an intense…utterly beautiful novel.”

Carly Hope-Empowerment4Women

“Set in a mountainous area of California and full of unforgettable characters, Schwartz’s emotionally powerful novel is resonant with insight and grace, and the story remains with readers long after the last page.”

Katrina Denza-The Country Bookshop-Southern Pines, NC

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